EC 5.3 - Intramolecular oxidoreductases


These enzymes bring about the oxidation of one part of a molecule with a corresponding reduction of another part. They include the enzymes converting, in the sugar series, aldoses to ketoses and vice-versa (sugar isomerases, EC 5.3.1), enzymes catalysing a keto-enol equilibrium (tautomerases, EC 5.3.2), enzymes shifting a carbon-carbon double bond from one position to another (EC 5.3.3), enzymes transposing S-S bonds (EC 5.3.4), and a group of miscellaneous enzymes (EC 5.3.99).


EC 5.3.1
Interconverting aldoses and ketoses
EC 5.3.2
Interconverting keto- and enol-groups
EC 5.3.3
Transposing C=C bonds
EC 5.3.4
Transposing S-S bonds
EC 5.3.99
Other intramolecular oxidoreductases