EC - Deacetylisoipecoside synthase

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Accepted name:
deacetylisoipecoside synthase
Other name:
deacetylisoipecoside dopamine-lyase
Systematic name:
deacetylisoipecoside dopamine-lyase (secologanin-forming)



The enzyme from the leaves of Alangium lamarckii differs in enantiomeric specificity from EC deacetylipecoside synthase. The product is rapidly converted to demethylisoalangiside.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0050556


  1. DeEknamkul, W., Ounaroon, A., Tanahashi, T., Kutchan, T. and Zenk, M.H.
    Enzymatic condensation of dopamine and secologanin by cell-free extracts of Alangium lamarckii.
    Phytochemistry 45 : 477-484 (1997).

[EC created 2000]