EC - Protein deglycase

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Accepted name:
protein deglycase
Other names:
PARK7 (gene name)
DJ-1 protein
yhbO (gene name)
yajL (gene name)
glyoxylase III [incorrect]
Systematic name:
a [protein]-L-amino acid-1-hydroxypropan-2-one hydrolase [(R)-lactate-forming]



The enzyme, previously thought to be a glyoxalase, acts on glycated L-arginine, L-lysine, and L-cysteine residues within proteins that have been attacked and modified by glyoxal or 2-oxopropanal. The attack forms hemithioacetal in the case of cysteines and aminocarbinols in the case of arginines and lysines. The enzyme repairs the amino acids, releasing glycolate or lactate (70-80% (S)-lactate and 20-30% (R)-lactate), depending on whether the attacking agent was glyoxal or 2-oxopropanal, respectively.

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[EC created 2016]