EC 3.5 - Acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds


This subclass contains those enzymes that hydrolyse amides, amidines and other C-N bonds. Sub-subclasses are based on the substrate: linear amides (EC 3.5.1), cyclic amides (EC 3.5.2), linear amidines (EC 3.5.3), cyclic amidines (EC 3.5.4), nitriles (EC 3.5.5) and other compounds (EC 3.5.99).


EC 3.5.1
In linear amides
EC 3.5.2
In cyclic amides
EC 3.5.3
In linear amidines
EC 3.5.4
In cyclic amidines
EC 3.5.5
In nitriles
EC 3.5.99
In other compounds