EC - Choriolysin H

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Accepted name:
choriolysin H
Other names:
high choriolytic enzyme (HCE)
teleost hatching enzyme (component)
teleost hatching enzyme
high choriolytic enzyme
Systematic name:




Known from the teleost fish Oryzias latipes (medaka). Efficient dissolution of the egg membrane requires concerted action with choriolysin L. A 25.5 kDa peptidase in family M12 (astacin family).

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CAS Registry Number: 177529-16-7


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  5. Lee, K.S., Yasumasu, S., Nomura, K. and Iuchi, I.
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    FEBS Lett. 339: 281-284 (1993). [PMID: 8112467]

[EC created 1995]