EC - Atrolysin A

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Accepted name:
atrolysin A
Other names:
Crotalus atrox α-proteinase
Crotalus atrox metalloendopeptidase a
Crotalus atrox proteinase
hemorrhagic toxin a
Crotalus atrox metalloproteinase
Systematic name:




A hemorrhagic endopeptidase of 68 kDa, one of six hemorrhagic toxins in the venom of western diamondback rattlesnake. The 60 kDa hemorrhagic toxin 1 of Crotalus ruber ruber shows identical specificity [2]. In peptidase family M12 (astacin family). Related metalloendopeptidases from rattlesnake venoms are EC (atrolysin B), EC (atrolysin C), EC (atroxase), EC (atrolysin E), EC (atrolysin F), EC (adamalysin), EC (horrilysin), and EC (ruberlysin).

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CAS Registry Number: 37288-82-7


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[EC created 1972, modified 1986]