EC - Preflagellin peptidase

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Accepted name:
preflagellin peptidase
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An aspartic peptidase from Archaea but not bacteria. In peptidase family A24 (type IV prepilin peptidase family).

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  1. Bardy, S. L., Jarrell, K. F.
    FlaK of the archaeon Methanococcus maripaludis possesses preflagellin peptidase activity.
    FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 208: 53-59 (2002). [PMID: 11934494]
  2. Ng, S. Y., VanDyke, D. J., Chaban, B., Wu, J., Nosaka, Y., Aizawa, S., Jarrell, K. F.
    Different minimal signal peptide lengths recognized by the archaeal prepilin-like peptidases FlaK and PibD.
    J. Bacteriol. 191: 6732-6740 (2009). [PMID: 19717585]
  3. Hu, J., Xue, Y., Lee, S., Ha, Y.
    The crystal structure of GXGD membrane protease FlaK.
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[EC created 2011]