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ICE-like apoptotic protease 3
apoptotic protease Mch-3
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Caspase-7 is an effector/executioner caspase, as are caspase-3 (EC and caspase-6 (EC [1]. These caspases are responsible for the proteolysis of the majority of cellular polypeptides, [e.g. poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP)], which lead to the apoptotic phenotype [2]. Although a hydrophobic residue at P5 of caspase-2 (EC and caspase-3 leads to more efficient hydrolysis, the amino-acid residue at this location in caspase-7 has no effect [3]. Caspase-7 is activated by the initiator caspases [caspase-8 (EC, caspase-9 (EC and caspase-10 (EC]. Removal of the N-terminal prodomain occurs before cleavage in the linker region between the large and small subunits [4]. Belongs in peptidase family C14.

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