EC - Calpain-2

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calcium-activated neutral protease II
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Type example of peptidase family C2. Requires Ca2+ at millimolar concentrations for activity. Cytosolic in animal cells. The active enzyme molecule is a heterodimer in which the large subunit contains the peptidase unit, and the small subunit is also a component of EC, calpain-1.

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CAS Registry Number: 78990-62-2
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    The crystal structure of calcium-free human m-calpain suggests an electrostatic switch mechanism for activation by calcium.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97: 588-592 (2000). [PMID: 10639123]
  2. Dutt, P., Spriggs, C.N., Davies, P.L., Jia, Z. and Elce, J.S.
    Origins of the difference in Ca2+ requirement for activation of μ- and m-calpain.
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[EC created 1981 as EC, transferred 2003 to EC]