EC - Pancreatic elastase II

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Accepted name:
pancreatic elastase II
Other name:
pancreatic elastase 2
Systematic name:



A peptidase of family S1 (trypsin family) formed by activation of proelastase II from mammalian pancreas by trypsin. Usually, only one of the pancreatic elastases (see also EC is expressed in a given species; human pancreatic elastase is of type II.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0004252
CAS Registry Number: 75603-19-9


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  2. Shirasu, Y., Yoshida, H., Matsuki, S., Takemura, K., Ikeda, N., Shimada, Y., Ozawa, T., Mikayama, T., Iijima, H., Ishida, A., Sato, Y., Tamai, Y., Tanaka, J. and Ikenaga, H.
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[EC created 1992]