EC - SpoIVB peptidase

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Accepted name:
SpoIVB peptidase
Other names:
sporulation factor IV B protease
stage IV sporulation protein B
Systematic name:



This enzyme plays a central role in a regulatory checkpoint (the σK checkpoint), which coordinates gene expression during the later stages of spore formation in Bacillus subtilis [1,3]. The enzyme activates proteolytic processing of a sporulation-specific sigma factor, pro-σK, to its mature and active form, σK, by self-cleavage [1,3]. The enzyme is also subject to secondary proteolysis, which presumably inactivates SpoIVB [3]. The enzyme is also essential for the formation of heat-resistant spores. Belongs in peptidase family S55.

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  4. Dong, T.C. and Cutting, S.M.
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[EC created 2006]