EC - Infectious pancreatic necrosis birnavirus Vp4 peptidase

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Accepted name:
infectious pancreatic necrosis birnavirus Vp4 peptidase
Other names:
infectious pancreatic necrosis virus protease
IPNV Vp4 protease
IPNV Vp4 peptidase
NS protease
NS-associated protease
Vp4 protease
Systematic name:



Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) is a birnavirus that causes an acute, contagious disease in young salmonid fish [2]. As with most viruses that infect eukaryotic cells, the proteolytic processing of viral precursor proteins is a crucial step in the life cycle of this virus [2]. pVP2 is converted into VP2 by cleavage near the carboxy end of pVP2. This cleavage is most likely due to host-cell proteases rather than VP4 [2,3]. Differs from most serine peptidases in not having the catalytic triad Ser-His-Asp [2]. Belongs in peptidase family S50.

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[EC created 2006]