EC - Galacturonan 1,4-α-galacturonidase

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IntEnz Enzyme Nomenclature


Accepted name:
galacturonan 1,4-α-galacturonidase
Other names:
poly(galacturonate) hydrolase [ambiguous]
poly(1,4-α-D-galacturonide) galacturonohydrolase [ambiguous]
pgaA (gene name)
galacturan 1,4-α-galacturonidase [incorrect]
Systematic name:
poly[(1→4)-α-D-galacturonide] non-reducing-end galacturonohydrolase



The enzyme hydrolyses the first glycosidic bond from the non-reducing end of the substrate. It is specific for saturated oligomers of D-homogalacturonan, and is unable to degrade unsaturated substrates or methyl-esterified substrates.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0047911
CAS Registry Number: 9045-35-6
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[EC created 1972, modified 2019]