EC - Pullulanase

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Accepted name:
Other names:
α-dextrin endo-1,6-α-glucosidase
amylopectin 6-glucanohydrolase
bacterial debranching enzyme
debranching enzyme
limit dextrinase [incorrect]
pullulan 6-glucanohydrolase
pullulan α-1,6-glucanohydrolase
Systematic name:
pullulan 6-α-glucanohydrolase



Different from EC (limit dextrinase) in its action on glycogen, and its rate of hydrolysis of limit dextrins. Its action on amylopectin is complete. Maltose is the smallest sugar that it can release from an α-(1→6)-linkage.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0051060
CAS Registry Number: 9075-68-7


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[EC created 1972, modified 1976, modified 2000 (EC created 1972, incorporated 1976)]