EC - Ginsenosidase type IV

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Accepted name:
ginsenosidase type IV
Systematic name:
protopanaxatriol-type ginsenoside 6-β-D-glucohydrolase



Ginsenosidase type IV catalyses the sequential hydrolysis of the 6-O-β-D-(1→2)-glycosidic bond or the 6-O-α-D-(1→2)-glycosidic bond in protopanaxatriol-type ginsenosides with a disacchride attached to the C6 position, followed by the hydrolysis of the remaining 6-O-β-D-glycosidic bond (e.g. ginsenoside Re → ginsenoside Rg1 → ginsenoside F1).

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    J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 21: 1057-1063 (2011). [PMID: 22031031]
  2. Wang, D, Yu, H., Song, J., Xu, Y., Jin, F.
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[EC created 2014]