EC - 3-sulfinopropanoyl-CoA desulfinase

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Accepted name:
3-sulfinopropanoyl-CoA desulfinase
Other names:
3SP-CoA desulfinase
3-sulfinopropionyl-CoA desulfinase
Systematic name:
3-sulfinopropanoyl-CoA sulfinohydrolase




The enzyme from the β-proteobacterium Advenella mimigardefordensis contains one non-covalently bound FAD per subunit.

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  1. Schurmann, M., Deters, A., Wubbeler, J. H., Steinbuchel, A.
    A novel 3-sulfinopropionyl coenzyme A (3SP-CoA) desulfinase from Advenella mimigardefordensis strain DPN7T acting as a key enzyme during catabolism of 3,3'-dithiodipropionic acid is a member of the acyl-CoA dehydrogenase superfamily.
    J. Bacteriol. 195 : 1538-1551 (2013). [PMID: 23354747]
  2. Schurmann, M., Demming, R. M., Krewing, M., Rose, J., Wubbeler, J. H., Steinbuchel, A.
    Identification of 3-sulfinopropionyl coenzyme A (CoA) desulfinases within the Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase superfamily.
    J. Bacteriol. 196 : 882-893 (2014). [PMID: 24317404]

[EC created 2014]