EC 3 - Hydrolases


These enzymes catalyse the hydrolysis of various bonds. Some of these enzymes pose problems because they have a very wide specificity, and it is not easy to decide if two preparations described by different authors are the same, or if they should be listed under different entries. While the systematic name always includes 'hydrolase', the common name is, in most cases, formed by the name of the substrate with the suffix -ase. It is understood that the name of the substrate with this suffix, and no other indicator, means a hydrolytic enzyme.


EC 3.1
Acting on ester bonds
EC 3.2
EC 3.3
Acting on ether bonds
EC 3.4
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
EC 3.5
Acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds
EC 3.6
Acting on acid anhydrides
EC 3.7
Acting on carbon-carbon bonds
EC 3.8
Acting on halide bonds
EC 3.9
Acting on phosphorus-nitrogen bonds
EC 3.10
Acting on sulfur-nitrogen bonds
EC 3.11
Acting on carbon-phosphorus bonds
EC 3.12
Acting on sulfur-sulfur bonds
EC 3.13
Acting on carbon-sulfur bonds