EC - Undecaprenol kinase

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IntEnz Enzyme Nomenclature


Accepted name:
undecaprenol kinase
Other names:
C55-isoprenoid alcohol kinase
C55-isoprenoid alcohol phosphokinase
C55-isoprenyl alcohol phosphokinase
isoprenoid alcohol kinase
isoprenoid alcohol kinase (phosphorylating)
isoprenoid alcohol phosphokinase
polyisoprenol kinase
isoprenoid-alcohol kinase
Systematic name:
ATP:undecaprenol phosphotransferase


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Gene Ontology: GO:0009038
CAS Registry Number: 9068-22-8


  1. Higashi, Y., Siewert, G. and Strominger, J.L.
    Biosynthesis of the peptidoglycan of bacterial cell walls. XIX. Isoprenoid alcohol phosphokinase.
    J. Biol. Chem. 245 : 3683-3690 (1970). [PMID: 4248528]

[EC created 1972]