EC - 1,4-α-glucan 6-α-glucosyltransferase

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IntEnz Enzyme Nomenclature


Accepted name:
1,4-α-glucan 6-α-glucosyltransferase
Other names:
1,4-α-D-glucan 6-α-D-glucosyltransferase
oligoglucan-branching glycosyltransferase
1,4-α-D-glucan:1,4-α-D-glucan(D-glucose) 6-α-D-glucosyltransferase
Systematic name:
(1→4)-α-D-glucan:(1→4)-α-D-glucan(D-glucose) 6-α-D-glucosyltransferase


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Gene Ontology: GO:0032001
CAS Registry Number: 9030-12-0


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[EC created 1965]