EC - 2-hydroxyglutarate synthase

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Accepted name:
2-hydroxyglutarate synthase
Other names:
2-hydroxyglutarate glyoxylate-lyase (CoA-propanoylating)
2-hydroxyglutaratic synthetase
2-hydroxyglutaric synthetase
α-hydroxyglutarate synthase
hydroxyglutarate synthase
Systematic name:
propanoyl-CoA:glyoxylate C-propanoyltransferase (thioester-hydrolysing, 2-carboxyethyl-forming)


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Gene Ontology: GO:0019142
CAS Registry Number: 9024-02-6


  1. Reeves, H.C. and Ajl, S.J.
    α-Hydroxyglutaric acid synthetase.
    J. Bacteriol. 84: 186-187 (1962).

[EC created 1965 as EC, transferred 2002 to EC]