EC - Histone acetyltransferase

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Accepted name:
histone acetyltransferase
Other names:
histone acetokinase
histone acetylase
histone transacetylase
nucleosome-histone acetyltransferase
lysine acetyltransferase
protein lysine acetyltransferase
acetyl-CoA:histone acetyltransferase
Systematic name:
acetyl-CoA:[protein]-L-lysine acetyltransferase



A group of enzymes acetylating histones. Several of the enzymes can also acetylate lysines in other proteins [3,4].

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Gene Ontology: GO:0004402
CAS Registry Number: 9054-51-7
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: (213) [show] [UniProt]


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[EC created 1976, modified 2017]