EC - (phenol)carboxyphthiodiolenone synthase

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Accepted name:
(phenol)carboxyphthiodiolenone synthase
Systematic name:
(methyl)malonyl-CoA:long-chain acyl-[(phenol)carboxyphthiodiolenone synthase] (methyl)malonyltransferase {carboxyphthiodiolenone-[(phenol)carboxyphthiodiolenone synthase]-forming}



The enzyme, which is a complex of five polyketide synthase proteins, is involved in the synthesis of the lipid core common to phthiocerols and phenolphthiocerols. The first protein, PpsA, can accept either a C18 or C20 long-chain fatty acyl, or a (4-hydroxyphenyl)-C17 or C19 fatty acyl. The substrates must first be adenylated by EC, long-chain fatty acid adenylase/transferase FadD26, which also loads them onto PpsA. PpsA then extends them using a malonyl-CoA extender unit. The PpsB protein adds the next malonyl-CoA extender unit. The absence of a dehydratase and an enoyl reductase domains in the PpsA and PpsB modules results in the formation of the diol portion of the phthiocerol moiety. PpsC adds a third malonyl unit (releasing a water molecule due to its dehydratase domain), PpsD adds an (R)-methylmalonyl unit, releasing a water molecule, and PpsE adds a second (R)-methylmalonyl unit, without releasing a water molecule. The incorporation of the methylmalonyl units results in formation of two branched methyl groups in the elongated product. The enzyme does not contain a thioesterase domain [2], and release of the products requires the tesA-encoded type II thioesterase [1].

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