EC - 2'-acyl-2-O-sulfo-trehalose (hydroxy)phthioceranyltransferase

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Accepted name:
2'-acyl-2-O-sulfo-trehalose (hydroxy)phthioceranyltransferase
Systematic name:
(hydroxy)phthioceranyl-[(hydroxy)phthioceranic acid synthase]:2'-acyl-2-O-sulfo-α,α-trehalose 3'-(hydroxy)phthioceranyltransferase



This mycobacterial enzyme catalyses the acylation of 2'-palmitoyl/stearoyl-2-O-sulfo-α,α-trehalose at the 3' position by a (hydroxy)phthioceranoyl group during the biosynthesis of mycobacterial sulfolipids.

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