EC - Cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase

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Accepted name:
cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase
Other names:
CFA synthase
cyclopropane fatty acid synthase
cyclopropane fatty acid synthetase
cyclopropane synthase
cyclopropane synthetase
unsaturated-phospholipid methyltransferase
Systematic name:
S-adenosyl-L-methionine:unsaturated-phospholipid methyltransferase (cyclizing)



The enzyme adds a methylene group across the 9,10 position of a Δ9-olefinic acyl chain in phosphatidylethanolamine or, more slowly, phosphatidylglycerol or phosphatidylinositol, forming a cyclopropane derivative (cf. EC methylene-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase).

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Gene Ontology: GO:0008825
CAS Registry Number: 51845-48-8
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[EC created 1986]