EC - Sulfite dehydrogenase (quinone)

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Accepted name:
sulfite dehydrogenase (quinone)
Other name:
soeABC (gene names)
Systematic name:
sulfite:quinone oxidoreductase




This membrane-bound bacterial enzyme catalyses the direct oxidation of sulfite to sulfate in the cytoplasm. The enzyme, characterized from the bacteria Ruegeria pomeroyi and Allochromatium vinosum, is a complex that consists of a membrane anchor (SoeC) and two cytoplasmic subunits: an iron-sulfur protein (SoeB) and a molybdoprotein that contains a [4Fe-4S] iron-sulfur cluster (SoeA). cf. EC, sulfite dehydrogenase (cytochrome).

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  1. Dahl, C., Franz, B., Hensen, D., Kesselheim, A., Zigann, R.
    Sulfite oxidation in the purple sulfur bacterium Allochromatium vinosum: identification of SoeABC as a major player and relevance of SoxYZ in the process.
    Microbiology (Reading, Engl.) 159 : 2626-2638 (2013). [PMID: 24030319]

[EC created 2016]