EC - L-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase

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Accepted name:
L-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase
Other names:
L-methionine:oxidized-thioredoxin S-oxidoreductase
acetylmethionine sulfoxide reductase
methionine sulfoxide reductase
methyl sulfoxide reductase I and II
methionine-S-oxide reductase
free-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase
Systematic name:
L-methionine:thioredoxin-disulfide S-oxidoreductase




Requires NADPH [2]. The reaction occurs in the opposite direction to that given above. Dithiothreitol can replace reduced thioredoxin. L-Methionine (R)-S-oxide is not a substrate [see EC, L-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase].

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Gene Ontology: GO:0033744


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[EC, created 1984 as EC, part-transferred 2006 to EC]