EC - L-aspartate oxidase

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Accepted name:
L-aspartate oxidase
Other names:
Systematic name:
L-aspartate:oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating)




A flavoprotein (FAD). L-Aspartate oxidase catalyses the first step in the de novo biosynthesis of NAD+ in some bacteria. O2 can be replaced by fumarate as electron acceptor, yielding succinate [5]. The ability of the enzyme to use both O2 and fumarate in cofactor reoxidation enables it to function under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions [5]. Iminosuccinate can either be hydrolysed to form oxaloacetate and NH3 or can be used by EC, quinolinate synthase, in the production of quinolinate. The enzyme is a member of the succinate dehydrogenase/fumarate-reductase family of enzymes [5].

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Gene Ontology: GO:0008734 , GO:0044318
CAS Registry Number: 69106-47-4
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[EC created 1984, modified 2008]