EC - Formate dehydrogenase (cytochrome c-553)

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Accepted name:
formate dehydrogenase (cytochrome c-553)
Systematic name:
formate:ferricytochrome-c-553 oxidoreductase



The enzyme has been characterized from the bacterium Desulfovibrio vulgaris. In vitro, yeast cytochrome c, ferricyanide and phenazine methosulfate can act as acceptors. Formerly EC

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Gene Ontology: GO:0047111
CAS Registry Number: 12624-01-0


  1. Yagi, T.
    Formate: cytochrome oxidoreductase of Desulfovibrio vulgaris.
    J. Biochem. (Tokyo) 66: 473-478 (1969). [PMID: 4982127]
  2. Yagi, T.
    Purification and properties of cytochrome c-553, an electron acceptor for formate dehydrogenase of Desulfovibrio vulgaris, Miyazaki.
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta 548: 96-105 (1979). [PMID: 226135]

[EC created 1981 as EC, transferred 2017 to EC]