EC - Nicotinate dehydrogenase (cytochrome)

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Accepted name:
nicotinate dehydrogenase (cytochrome)
Other names:
nicotinic acid hydroxylase
nicotinate hydroxylase
Systematic name:
nicotinate:cytochrome 6-oxidoreductase (hydroxylating)




This two-component enzyme from Pseudomonas belongs to the family of xanthine dehydrogenases, but differs from most other members of this family. While most members contain an FAD cofactor, the large subunit of this enzyme contains three c-type cytochromes, enabling it to interact with the electron transfer chain, probably by delivering the electrons to a cytochrome oxidase. The small subunit contains a typical molybdopterin cytosine dinucleotide(MCD) cofactor and two [2Fe-2S] clusters [1].

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  2. Yang, Y., Yuan, S., Chen, T., Ma, P., Shang, G., Dai, Y.
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[EC created 2010]