EC - 4-methoxybenzoate monooxygenase (O-demethylating)

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Accepted name:
4-methoxybenzoate monooxygenase (O-demethylating)
Other names:
4-methoxybenzoate 4-monooxygenase (O-demethylating)
4-methoxybenzoate O-demethylase
p-anisic O-demethylase
Systematic name:
4-methoxybenzoate,hydrogen-donor:oxygen oxidoreductase (O-demethylating)




The bacterial enzyme consists of a ferredoxin-type protein and an iron-sulfur flavoprotein (FMN). Also acts on 4-ethoxybenzoate, N-methyl-4-aminobenzoate and toluate. The fungal enzyme acts best on veratrate.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0018690
CAS Registry Number: 37256-78-3


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[EC created 1972]