EC - 1,3,7-trimethyluric acid 5-monooxygenase

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Accepted name:
1,3,7-trimethyluric acid 5-monooxygenase
Other name:
tmuM (gene name)
Systematic name:
1,3,7-trimethylurate,NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase (1,3,7-trimethyl-5-hydroxyisourate forming)



The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Pseudomonas sp. CBB1, is part of the bacterial C-8 oxidation-based caffeine degradation pathway. The product decomposes spontaneously to a racemic mixture of 3,6,8-trimethylallantoin. The enzyme shows no acitivity with urate. cf. EC, FAD-dependent urate hydroxylase.

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[EC created 2016]