EC - Uridine-5'-phosphate dioxygenase

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Accepted name:
uridine-5'-phosphate dioxygenase
Other name:
lipL (gene name)
Systematic name:
UMP,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase




The enzyme catalyses a net dephosphorylation and oxidation of UMP to generate 5'-dehydrouridine, the first intermediate in the biosynthesis of the unusual aminoribosyl moiety found in several C7-furanosyl nucleosides such as A-90289s, caprazamycins, liposidomycins, muraymycins and FR-900453. Requires Fe2+.

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  2. Yang, Z., Unrine, J., Nonaka, K., Van Lanen, S. G.
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[EC created 2015]