EC - D-mannitol oxidase

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Accepted name:
D-mannitol oxidase
Other names:
D-arabitol oxidase
mannitol oxidase
D-arabinitol oxidase
Systematic name:
mannitol:oxygen oxidoreductase (cyclizing)



Also catalyses the oxidation of D-arabinitol and, to a lesser extent, D-glucitol (sorbitol), whereas L-arabinitol is not a good substrate. The enzyme from the snails Helix aspersa and Arion ater is found in a specialised tubular organelle that has been termed the mannosome.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0050581


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  2. Large, A.T., Jones, C.J.P. and Connock, M.J.
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[EC created 2001]