EC - Alcohol dehydrogenase (cytochrome c)

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Accepted name:
alcohol dehydrogenase (cytochrome c)
Other names:
type I quinoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase
quinoprotein ethanol dehydrogenase
Systematic name:
alcohol:cytochrome c oxidoreductase




A periplasmic PQQ-containing quinoprotein. Occurs in Pseudomonas and Rhodopseudomonas. The enzyme from Pseudomonas aeruginosa uses a specific inducible cytochrome c550 as electron acceptor. Acts on a wide range of primary and secondary alcohols, but not methanol. It has a homodimeric structure (contrasting with the heterotetrameric structure of EC, methanol dehydrogenase (cytochrome c)). It is routinely assayed with phenazine methosulphate as electron acceptor. Activity is stimulated by ammonia or amines. Like all other quinoprotein alcohol dehydrogenases it has an 8-bladed 'propeller' structure, a calcium ion bound to the PQQ in the active site and an unusual disulphide ring structure in close proximity to the PQQ.

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[EC created 1972 as, modified 1982, part transferred 2010 to EC]