EC - Glyoxylate reductase

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Accepted name:
glyoxylate reductase
Other names:
NADH-dependent glyoxylate reductase
NADH-glyoxylate reductase
glyoxylic acid reductase
glycolate reductase
Systematic name:
glycolate:NAD+ oxidoreductase



Reduces glyoxylate to glycolate or hydroxypyruvate to D-glycerate.

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Protein domains and families: PROSITE:PDOC00063
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Gene Ontology: GO:0047964
CAS Registry Number: 9028-32-4
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  1. Zelitch, I.
    Oxidation and reduction of glycolic and glyoxylic acids in plants. II. Glyoxylic acid reductase.
    J. Biol. Chem. 201 : 719-726 (1953).
  2. Zelitch, I.
    The isolation and action of crystalline glyoxylic acid reductase from tobacco leaves.
    J. Biol. Chem. 216 : 553-575 (1955).

[EC created 1961]