EC - (S)-usnate reductase

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Accepted name:
(S)-usnate reductase
Other name:
L-usnic acid dehydrogenase
Systematic name:
reduced-(S)-usnate:NAD+ oxidoreductase (ether-bond-forming)


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Gene Ontology: GO:0046998
CAS Registry Number: 77237-99-1


  1. Estevéz, M.P., Legaz, E., Olmeda, L., Pérez, F.J. and Vincente, C.
    Purification and properties of a new enzyme from Evernia prunastri, which reduces L-usnic acid.
    Z. Naturforsch. C: Biosci. 36: 35-39 (1981).

[EC created 1984]