GWAS Catalog

The NHGRI-EBI Catalog of human genome-wide association studies

We’ve updated the structure of traits in the catalog, there’s now main and background traits, learn more.


Download a full copy of the GWAS Catalog in spreadsheet format as well as current and older versions of the GWAS diagram in SVG format.

Summary statistics

Documentation and access to full summary statistics for GWAS Catalog studies where available.


Submit summary statistics to GWAS Catalog.


Including FAQs, our curation process, training materials, related resources, a list of abbreviations and API documentation.


Explore an interactive visualisation of all SNP-trait associations with genome-wide significance (p≤5 x10-8).


An introduction to our ancestry curation process.

As of , the GWAS Catalog contains publications and associations.
GWAS Catalog data is currently mapped to Genome Assembly and dbSNP Build .

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