PRANK on Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)


On Unix systems such as Mac OSX series, the code can be unpacked and compiled using commands:

tar xvzf prank.src*.tgz
cd src/

However, that requires a Unix-style C++ -compiler and some helper applications that are not installed by default on new OSX systems. Instead, they have to be manually installed from the DVD shipped with the system or downloaded from the Internet.

From Emeric Sevin:

The GNU Compiler Collection is not installed by default on OS X 10.5, and people requiring GCC thus need to install the XCode (e.g. version 3.0 for OS X 10.5) bundle. This comes on the 2nd install DVD for those who possess the install material, or is available for download at, although one must create an 'ADC account'.

In fact to run GCC you would only need to install the (optional) sub-package called 'UNIX Development Support', and not the whole bundle of MAC developer tools which is over 1 GB in size. I haven't been able to find it as an independent download on the web, so I'm afraid you have to get the whole thing and then only later customize the install so that only the necessay stuff is copied.
Alternatively, you can just check the GCC releases ( which have been successfully tested for OS X machines.

The instructions may apply to some earlier versions of OSX.

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