Department of Computing Science

Thursday 27th March 2008
11.30Registration desk open, poster boards available.
12.00Lunch and posters
Session 1, Microarrays
13.10Martino Barenco, UCLHidden activity transcription profile identification using microarray data and transcript turnover rates
13.30Salih Tuna, University of SheffieldPrecision and inference in microarray studies
13.50Paola Rancoita, IDSIA, SwitzerlandAn improved Bayesian method for DNA copy number estimation
14.10Richard Bourgon, EBI, CambridgeRecombination rate and hotspot inference for high-density marker data
14.30Coffee and posters
Session 2, Phylogenetics and Post Genomic Data Integration
15.30Oliver Ratmann, Imperial CollegeEvolutionary Inference from large-scale interaction network data with likelihood-free methods
15.50Alex Mantzaris, BIOSSDetecting recombination in the felsenstein zone
16.10Simon Rogers, University of GlasgowCoupled clustering of mRNA and protein profiles
16.30Kamil Erguler, Imperial CollegeNoisy gene expression: Stochastic modelling of metabolism
Main poster session followed by conference dinner
Friday 28th March 2008
Session 3 - Sequence Analysis
09.00David Wild, University of WarwickProtein fold recognition using Bayesian information retrieval
09.20Rene te Boekhorst, University of HertfordshireDiscrimination of regulatory DNA by SVM on the basis of over- and under-represented motifs
09.40David Irons, University of SheffieldIdentifying functional modules in genetic regulatory systems
10.00Irina Abnizova, MRC-BSUComputational finding of functional regulatory SNPs
10.20Coffee and posters
Session 4 - Network Inference
11.00Guido Sanguinetti, University of SheffieldMMG: a probabilistic tool to identify submodules of metabolic pathways
11.20Sophie Lebre, Imperial CollegeInferring time-dependent networks from system biology time course data with reversible jump MCMC
11.40Samantha Lycett, University of EdinburghUsing Bayesian graphical models to investigate the relationship between variable H5N1 sites in avian hosts
12.00Sach Mukherjee, University of WarwickPriors, pathways, proteins: structural inference in cancer systems biology
12.20Lunch and posters
Session 5 - Systems Modelling
14.00Tina Toni, Imperial CollegeApproximate Bayesian computation scheme for statistical inference and model selection in dynamical systems
14.20Tianhai Tian, University of GlasgowMathematical modelling of Ras nanocluster formations on the plasma membrane
14.40Eric Bullinger, University of StrathclydeTNF-α induced Apoptopic and Anti-apoptopic Signalling: A Systems Biology approach combining dynamic and quantitative expriments with mathematical modelling
15.00Andreas Ruttor, TU BerlinInference for biochemical reaction systems based on weak noise approximation

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