Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology
15th Annual meeting

21 & 22 March 2005
Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

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  Monday 21st March
  11:30   Registration opens
  12:30   Lunch (buffet style)
  13:20   Paul Verrier
Welcome followed by some administrivia
  session1 - Genomics
      Chairman: Chris Rawlings
  13:30   Pagel, M & Barker, D (Reading University)
Discovering Functional Gene Links Using Phylogenetic-Statistical Analysis of Whole Genomes
  14:00   Whelan, S(EMBL)
A new and effective heuristic for tree topology estimation in phylogenetics
  14:30   Lunter, GA & Hein, J (Bioinf. group, Dept. of Statistics, Oxford University)
Indel events reveal the portion of the human genome under selection
  15:00   Zheng, C; Lenert, A; Sankoff, D (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Rearrangements of partially ordered genomes
  15:30   Coffee/Tea break
  Session 2 - Genetics and Regulation
      Chairman: Nick Goldman
  16:00   Domedel-Puig, N & Wernisch, L (Birkbeck College, London)
Bayesian model selection for the JAK/STAT5 signaling pathway
  16:30   Dawson, K J (Rothamsted Research) & Belkhir, K (Laboratoire Génome, Université de Montpellier, France)
Bayesian reconstruction of full-sib and half-sib families
  17:00   Johnson, T (Edinburgh University)
Disease gene mapping using DNA pools (View as pdf)
  17:30   Abnizova, I (MRC-BSU Cambridge); Walter, K (MRC-BSU Cambridge); te Boekhorts, R (University of Hertfordshire); Elgar, G (Rosalind Franklin Institute, Hinxton) & Gilks, W (MRC-BSU Cambridge)
Some statistical properties of regulatory DNA sequences, and their use in predicting regulatory regions in vertebrate genomes (View as pdf [1.5Mb])
  Posters and Social Events
  18:00   Wine/Beer/Posters in Fowden Conference Centre
  19:30   Conference dinner
  22:00   Coach to hotel
  Tuesday 22nd March
  09:30   Coach from hotel
  Session 3 - Microarrays I
      Chairman: Wolfgang Huber
  10:00   Ibrahim, AEK; Thorne, NP; Baird, K; Barbosa-Morais, N; Collins, VP; Wyllie, AH; Arends, MJ & Brenton, JD (Hutchison/MRC Research Centre)
Developing DNA methylation array technology
  10:30   Rattray, M (School of Computer Science, Manchester University); Liu, X (School of Computer Science, Manchester University); Sanguinetti, G (Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield); Milo, M (Department of Computer Science & Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield) & Lawrence, N (Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield)
Novel probabilistic models for propagating uncertainty in microarray data analysis (View as pdf [3Mb])
  11:00   Coffee break & posters
  Session 4 - Microarrays II
      Chairman: Martin Bishop
  12:00   Mayer, C-D (Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland)
Detecting heteregenous variance-covariance structures in gene expression data (View as pdf [1.3Mb])
  12:30   Strimmer, K & Boulesteix, A-L (Dept. of Statistics, University of Munich)
Prediction of transcription factor regulation activities: integrating microarray and chip data with partial least squares
  13:00   Townsend, JP (University of Connecticut, USA)
Bayesian analysis of gene expression levels (View as pdf [3.7Mb])
  13:30   Lunch
  Session 5 - Molecular evolution
      Chairman: Robin Thompson
  14:00   Meyer, I (European Bioinformatics Institute)
Novel methods for studying RNA genes (View as pdf)
  14:30   Kosiol, C & Goldman, Nick (EMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute)
An Empirical Codon Model (View as pdf [1Mb])
  15:00   Anisimova, M & Gascuel, O (LIRMM, Universite Montpellier)
Approximate likelihood ratio tests for tree branches
  15:30   Dale, D (University College London)
Molecular heterochrony: a mixture model approach
  16:00   Coffee/tea break
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