Manchester Bioinformatics Week
Schedule of Events

All sessions take place at Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester.


Monday 25th March

11:00 -13.00 Registration for MASAMB

13:00 - 14.00pm Lunch

14:00 Bruce Weir (NC State University) Matching and partially matching DNA profiles

14:30 Kevin J. Dawson & Khalid Belkhir (IACR Rothamsted) A Bayesian approach to assignment problems in population genetics

15:00 Dirk Husmeier & Grainne McGuire (Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland) Detecting recombination and gene conversion with MCMC

15:30 Break

16:00 Walter Gilks, Benjamin Audit, Daniela De Angelis, Sophia Tsoka & Christos Ouzounis (MRC Cambridge/EBI Hinxton) Percolation of annotation errors in databases of protein sequences

16:30 David Westhead (University of Leeds) SITESDB: matching protein 3D functional site shapes and properties for function prediction

17:00 Alex L Mitchell, J R Reich, T Shardlow and T K Attwood (EBI, Hinxton) Development of prePRINTS, an automatics supplement to PRINTS

17:30 Mike Cornell (University of Manchester) The Genome Information Management System (GIMS) - A data warehouse for storage and analysis of genome sequences and functional data

18:00 Dinner

Poster session

Cendrine Hudelot, Howsun Jow, Magnus Rattray & Paul Higgs (University of Manchester) Bayesian phylogenetics using an RNA substitution model: application to mammalian evolution.

Amy Williams (University of Leeds) Beta Jelly Roll folding patterns and topological alignments.

Maria Anisimova, Joseph P. Bielawski & Ziheng Yang (University College London) Accuracy and power of Bayes prediction of amino acid sites under positive selection.

Eilidh Grant (University of Glasgow) A computational model of gene regulation in myotonic dystrophy

David Moss, Clare Sansom, Raheel Shaban & Dan Frampton (Birkbeck College, London) In silico prediction of antigenic proteins

David Hoyle & Paul Higgs (University of Manchester) Factors affecting the errors in estimation of evolutionary distances between sequences.

Simon Whelan, Paul IW de Bakker & Nick Goldman (University of Cambridge) PANDIT: a database of proteins and nucleotide domains with inferred trees.

Daniel Jameson & Paul Higgs (University of Manchester) OGRe - a database for comparative analysis of mitichondrial genomes

Tuesday 26th March

09:00 Howsun Jow (University of Manchester) Bayesian model selection in molecular phylogenetics using MCMC sampling

09:30 Paul-Michael Agapow & Grainne McGuire (University of Reading) Phylogenies from gappy molecular data

10:00 Tim Massingham (University of Cambridge) Detecting the presence of natural selection in the evolution of protein-encoding DNA, a penalised likelihood approach

10:30 Break

11:00 John Brookfield & Louise J. Johnson (University of Nottingham) Sequence diversity of interspersed repetitive sequences- what does this say about processes of transposition? UNFORTUNATELY, THIS TALK HAD TO BE CANCELLED AT THE LAST MOMENT BECAUSE OF THE SPEAKER'S ILL HEALTH

11:30 Dmitry Filatov (University of Birmingham) Recombination and mutation rate in the human genome

12:00 Simon Myers (University of Oxford) Bounds on the minimum number of recombination events in the history of a sample of DNA sequences.

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Alun Thomas (University of Sheffield) Accelerated gene counting for haplotype frequency estimation

14:30pm Nuala Sheehan (University of Leicester) Pedigree analysis using graphical models

15:00 Chris Cannings (University of Sheffield) Pooling problems with exact tests

15:30 Break

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