EoM winners

Mar 12: Nick: For reviving the group Employee of the Month award

Jan 07: Alberto Labarga and Rodrigo Lopez: For their untiring efforts to better serve the public

Oct-Dec 06: No award made

Sep 06: Tim: For his selfless volunteering to teach alignment to EMBL predocs

Aug 06: Ari: For his efforts in producing the scientists of tomorrow

Jul 06: Nick: For contributing most to keeping up wilting lab spirits during July, by arranging "various entertaining events"

Jun 06: Tim: For his attempts to predict football results and save us from watching actual matches

May 06: Matti Kankainen: For his tireless dedication to science, missing all buses back to Cambridge on occasion

Apr 06: Nick and Carolin: For their further attempts to break records for inconvenient travel

Mar 06: Carolin and Lee: For their valiant resistance to the stresses and strains of PhD examinations

Feb 06: Lee: For his heroic and victorious battle for Carolin and himself against vogon-like bureaucracy

Nov 05-Jan 06: No award made

Oct 05: Simon: For success in arranging to leave the group (award made for personal achievement, not contribution to the group's work)

Sep 05: Ari: For getting the root password of spoon so Fabio could do some work

Jul-Aug 05: No award made

Jun 05: Adrian Friday: For showing consistent enthusiasm towards Lee's TACs

May 05: For achievements in bubble science: Nick: For the invention of new bubble colours and shapes; and Ari and Nico: For the discovery of bubble memory

Apr 05: Carolin: For dedication to low cost airline travel

Feb-Mar 05: No award made

Jan 05: Nicolas: For turning a fork into a spoon and a spoon back into a fork

Dec 04: No award made

Nov 04: Tim: For denying terrorist access to valuable EBI databases

Oct 04: Alex Bateman: For reminding us that (1) the purpose of science is aesthetic pleasure and (2) if a problem cannot be solved, it can always be redefined