The following utilities and libraries must be installed to make/run the program:

  • gcc (GNU C compiler; part of GNU Compiler Collection)

  • gfortran (GNU Fortran compiler; part of GNU Compiler Collection) (not required from v2.05)

  • make (GNU make utility)

  • BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)

  • LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage)

  • zlib (general purpose compression library)

  • bzip2 (alternative compression library)

External Links

Obtaining AYB

Source code is freely available to download from

Build AYB

unzip the archive:

$ tar -xzf AYB_current.tgz

Go to the src directory. The makefile is suitable for both generic Linux and Mac Os-X.

$ make

The AYB executable will be in the bin directory.



If OpenMP libraries are not available then the dependency can be removed by deleting the -fopenmp option from the makefile.


AYB Developer documentation is generated by running doxygen from the src directory. The index file is created in ../../doc from the src directory.

The AYB_test download contains the module test inputs.