Validate your experiment submission

What is validation?

The validation step aims at catching errors such as missing mandatory information (e.g. public release date, library preparataion protocol for a sequencing experiment, some samples have not been assigned any raw or processed data files), or inconsistencies in your submission (e.g. for a two-colour microarray experiment, a hybridisation assay is associated with one labeled extract only but not two). Having errors like these caught and fixed before submission allows us to process your experiment faster for loading into ArrayExpress. You must validate your submission before submitting for curation.

The checks will be run when you click Validate. It should only take a few seconds: validate

You may use the validation throughout your submission to check what still needs to be fixed before the experiment can be submitted.

If there are no errors, you'll see a message: Validation has been successful and you can proceed to submit the experiment to ArrayExpress.

If however there are errors, they will be listed like this: validate message

The error messages tell you the relevant section of the form that requires changes. You can jump to the section by clicking the link. After stating the problem the messages will also give you a brief explanation of how to fix the error.

If you need further help with fixing errors, try browsing the Annotare guide for the respective section. If you don't find any answers here, drop us a message using the "Contact Us" button from within your submission form.