Submit, and what happens next?

To submit to ArrayExpress click Submit to ArrayExpress:


Getting accession number

Once you submit, you will receive an immediate confirmation email (containing the experiment accession number) from the ArrayExpress curation team, usually within 24 hours of submission. Please cite the accession in your manuscript. Sometimes we receive a high volume of submissions, which can cause delay in generating accession numbers, so please bear with us. The accession number will NOT change throughout data curation and processing, so you can quote it in your manuscript.

Review by ArrayExpress curators

After you clicked Submit, your submission's status will automatically change to In Curation, meaning that it's locked for curation so that you cannot edit it further. The curation team will review your submission. If we have any questions, we will email you and may re-open the submission for further editing. Likewise, if you need to edit the submission while it is locked, please email us at with your submission login email address and title of your experiment, so we can "re-open" the submission for you to make changes.

Loading into ArrayExpress and keeping data private until publication

Once fully curated, the experiment will be loaded into a private instance of ArrayExpress and we will provide you with login accounts (one for yourself and one for reviewers) for viewing the experiment on the private instance before it is made public. If you have opted for submitter anonymity at the point of submission, the reviewers will see a redacted version of your experiment. You can change the public release date of the experiment at any time to match the peer review progress of your paper. You can add or edit publication details too.