About Enzyme Portal

The Enzyme Portal integrates publicly available information about enzymes, such as small-molecule chemistry, biochemical pathways and drug compounds. See walk-through videos to learn more


Enzyme Portal Resources

To build its reports, the Enzyme Portal uses data from UniProtKb, PDBe, ChEMBL, ChEBI, REACTOME, Rhea, IntEnz and many more resources.


Technical documents

The Enzyme Portal is an open source project developed at the EMBL-EBI and the source code is freely available and can be downloaded from GitHub, an online project hosting service.

Additionally, the technical documentation (Javadoc, project information) is also available online.


Protein sequence search: search Enzyme Portal with a sequence by clicking on the Sequence search link in the search area.

Compare enzymes: the Enzyme Portal basket provides a tool for comparing two enzymes. Select your enzymes from search results and add them to your basket to access the tool.