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Frequently asked questions

Which identifiers are supported by the Sylarray database?

The full list of the identifiers can be found at the following link.

How can I create my own list of the UTRs?

The detailed instruction of how to obtain the UTRs in fasta format, and clean them from low complexity and redundant sequences is available here.

What does "purging" mean, and how is it performed?

For full explanation of the process click on the following link.

I have submitted a list, most of the identifiers got recognized, but much less were in the final plot. Why?

During the process of selection of the best UTRs for each platform some identifiers are eliminated. If the UTRs of the transcripts they point to are of low complexity they will get masked and removed. Furthermore, if several similar UTRs exist, they might cause problems in the statistical analysis ( explanation) and will be removed as well. Therefore it is recommended that you submit a full list of your platform identifiers without any prefiltering.

I click on "retrieve results" but nothing happens.

If the jave interface does not automatically open, use java web-start to start the application (download the latest JRE from the following link).