Support and training

We try to provide comprehensive information about using ENA's services throughout our web pages. For information on submitting data, please visit here. Information on searching and downloading ENA's data is also available.  Additionally, you can use the links in the right hand panel to:

  • Learn how to submit data to ENA as well as search and download data though attending one of our training events.
  • View our training materials to learn more about ENA services independently.
  • Find a quick answer to a question using our frequently asked questions.

For any help that you haven't been able to find on our pages, please contact us. This contact e-mail will place a ticket in our mailing system and you will first receive an automatic response asking a few questions. Responses to these questions help us to triage your ticket and deal with it as effectively as possible. Please note that we wait for a response to these questions before proceeding further.  

You can also check our FAQs, Guidelines and Tips repository.