Read domain XML 1.0 metadata format

The SRA XML 1.0 metadata format HAS BEEN REPLACED by the SRA XML 1.1 metadata in March 2010.

XML Schema XML Schema Document Description
SRA.submission.xsd SRA.submission.pdf A submission contains submission actions to be performed by the archive. For small studies the submission accession number can be quoted in place of study accession number.
SRA.sample.xsd SRA.sample.pdf A sample contains information about the sample upon which the sequencing experiments are based. Samples can be used in any number of sequencing experiments. A study contains information about the sequencing project. Studies can contain any number of sequencing experiments.
SRA.experiment.xsd SRA.experiment.pdf An experiment contains information about the sequencing experiment. Experiments are associated with runs which contain the actual sequencing results. A run contains the sequencing results from sequencing experiments. Each run can contain all or part of the results for a particular experiment. For example, each Illumina Genome Analyzer lane is typically represented by a single run.
SRA.analysis.xsd SRA.analysis.pdf An analysis contains secondary analysis results computed from the primary sequences results.