New taxon ID requests

The following rules apply when registering a sample or submitting a sequence to ENA for an organism that does not yet exist within NCBI taxonomy.

Strain-level taxa

Strain-level taxonomic names are no longer created routinely for microorganisms (including most prokaryotes*, some fungi, algae and protozoans), if they have been identified with a conventional binomen (Genus and species). However, if a strain-level name is already available, this may still be used.

*The only exceptions within prokaryotes are cyanobacterial strains, for which strain-level names are still required.

At the time of 'Sample registration' if you have cyanobacterial or fungal data to submit that are not identified with a binomial species name you will be required to include a 'strain' name within the organism name field. If a genome assembly is derived from an unidentified/unpublished organism, species-level informal names will still be generated which use strain identifiers in form of "Genus sp. strain".

For submission of prokaryote genome assemblies, please note that you must provide either a ‘strain' or ‘isolate' name or use the 'environmental sample’ field at sample registration step. An isolate name can be any unique identifier for the sample from which the sequence was obtained. If neither ‘isolate’ nor ‘strain’ nor ‘environmental sample’ tag have been used the system will create an isolate qualifier on the generated flat files with the value entered in sample 'unique name’ that you provide during the submission:
/isolate="unique sample id given in Webin"

Requesting a new taxon ID

After entering the organism details if your organism is not found please email with the following details:

  • Scientific name (please provide the highest level of known published taxonomy)
  • Proposed name (if relevant)
  • Host (if relevant)
  • Short description (please include citation title or any useful information describing the organism/sample)
  • Submitter name and email address used for your submission account
  • Account Id (Webin-NNN)
  • Project/study Id

After receipt of your details by email we will request a taxon Id for your organism and will notify you once this taxon id is available. You can then log back in to your submission account and finish your sample submission.